In Other News …


Funny_Pictures_holding-the-vending-machine-guy-hostage_16132New DC Vending Machines Offer Banh Mi, Portable Urinals  [Washingtonian]  DC now has wacky vending machines.  Marijuana is now legal in DC.  Do I need to go on?

The Four Finalists for DC’s Memorial of the Future  [Urban Turf DC]   These are all really cool concepts, and give me tremendous hope for the future of DC memorials.  Even the one with the robotic parrot.

Put Up An Outdoor Workspace and They Will Come  [DCist]   If I was banned from living in the District for some weird reason (maybe breaking into a marijuana vending machine or something?), I think I would move to Silver Spring, for this and many other reasons.

Chip Akridge Explains Why His Name Was In the Panama Papers  [Washington Business Journal]  Our in-house lawyer has advised us against offering any commentary on this story.

The Decaying (And Maybe Haunted) Abandoned UFO Resort In Taiwan  [Dangerous Minds]  I wish someone would offer me a million dollars to spend one night here, so I could immediately say, “hell no.”

Serial House-Flippers to Pay $1.3 Million for Shoddy Renovations  [WAMU]   And if $1.3 million isn’t enough to fix the 20 or so crappy houses they shadily sold, the court can make them pay more.   I’m literally giggling with schaudenfreude right now.



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