In Other News …

spikesWhen Your Neighborhood Is Ruined By a GPS Directions App  [Washington Post]  Your street becoming a shortcut for distracted drivers following a stupid maps app is basically the nightmare scenario.  I would weld several sets of vicious road spikes, or just move.  Probably just move.

Drone-Guided Tours Are the Next Frontier of Real Estate Sales  [SL Live]  A friend of mine shooting drone footage for a TV show showed me first-person video of the drone running out of power in midair and then plunging into a river.  It was hilarious.  That’s all I got for drone-related banter.

This Is America’s Richest Self-Made Woman In Real Estate  [Forbes]  If you want to feel like a poverty-stricken failure, definitely read this article.

White Out: Portugal’s Striking Monochromatic Homes  [Architizer]  I absolutely love these houses, and have always wanted to live in a place like this, but I did just recently purchase completely monochromatic white shoes, and keeping them clean has been a nightmare.  If you lived in one of these houses, you’d need to have the walls powerwashed like once a week.  (Once a day if you have kids.)

Fulfill Your Nautical Dreams With One of These DC Houseboats  [Curbed DC]   Admit it, being able to take your house out for a cruise would be pretty cool.

The Builder of Jungles  [New York Review of Books]   A fascinating profile of the groundbreaking landscape architect Burle Marx

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