In Other News …

6223f2246d78cc78bf11105072a1d16bApartment Complex Orders Tenants to “Like” Its Facebook Page, Or Face Eviction  []  Not a joke!  They actually put this in the lease as a requirement, in addition to a clause saying that leaving a bad review for the building anywhere online was an evictable offense.  Guess what happened next?  (People viciously trashed it in every venue possible.)

How to Make Another Georgetown  [Georgetown Metropolitan]   A pretty fascinating look at the different ways gentrification can unfold, and how historic preservation can sometimes hasten a neighborhood’s demise.

Jackie O’s DC Mansion Hits the Market  [Urban Turf DC]  You could own a piece of history – if you’ve got $10 million on hand.  What can I tell you – history is expensive.

A Mushroom Farm Is Coming to Park View  [Washington Post]   I love mushrooms!  I had a great “mushrooms” year.  First I discovered that adding a small amount of dried mushrooms (reconstituted with broth) to my homemade tomato sauce gave it an incredible depth and complexity.  Also, I ate some magic mushrooms, had an “epiphany,” and subsequently removed all electronics from my house and canceled my home internet.  My quality of life has skyrocketed.  All thanks to mushrooms.

First Potomac Dumps Former Greyhound Site In NoMa  [Washington Business Journal]  Hmm, could this portend tough times for everyone’s favorite “created-out-of-thin-air” neighborhood?  Maybe they shouldn’t have made it so boring.

Climb Inside These Hotel Rooms That Literally Hang Off a Cliff  [Messy Nessy Chic]  Can I say no?  I’m saying no.

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