In Other News …

18z4vhgdx5xwfjpgDC Will Try to Fix Its Most Dangerous Intersections  [WTOP]   14th and Columbia is probably hopeless;  I mean, the roads there are way too narrow to accommodate all the traffic, but there’s no room there to expand the intersection.  They might just want to make it ban traffic and make it a pedestrian plaza, like Times Square in Manhattan.

Shaw “Terrorized” By Car Window Smash-and-Grabs  [WUSA9]   When I lived in Shaw, I once watched some kids try and fail to smash a car window in;  when the rock they were used just bounced comically off the glass, one of them wrapped a t-shirt around his fist, punched the window, and then ran down the street cursing while clutching his injured fist.  They gave up soon after.  It was like a modern-day Three Stooges short.

Upper Northwest Hits Peak NIMBY In Response to Proposed Homeless Shelter  [Greater Greater Washington]  Oof.  I guess distributing an anonymous letter around the neighborhood is what trolls did before vicious internet commenting was a thing.

This Hanging Highway Garden Filters 20% of Car Emissions  [Inhabitat]   This is genius, though trimming it must be irritating.

An Update on the Georgetown Gondola  [Urban Turf DC]  Looks like it’s 50/50 right now.  Also, Brooklyn is now pondering their own gondola, which has got to be the first time ever that Brooklyn has followed DC instead of the other way around.

How Cities Are Welcoming Back Nature  [Dwell]  I like this trend, if only because I might be able to stop mowing my lawn without getting fined.

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