In Other News …

tumblr_me4asbj5dM1rm0t7mo1_12809 Cool Houses with Movable Timber Facades  [Architizer]   Is this a “thing” now?  I didn’t even know architecture had fads, much less what they were.  This must be what old people feel like when they see facial piercings.

DC’s Future Monuments Will Blow Your Mind  [Washington Post]  Now that we’ve entered the super-polarized era of politics and we can’t build any monuments to people (can you imagine the uproar if they tried to put up a Clinton or a Reagan monument?), everything in the future will commemorate abstract things like “justice” and “otherness.”  As I was typing that, I realized this is definitely going to be in an episode of “South Park.”

A Look at Obama’s Future Kalorama Home  [Urban Turf DC]  If the Obamas are going to be living in Kalorama, the daughters are definitely going to be hanging out in Adams Morgan.  I already feel bad for the Secret Service minders and their vomit-splattered shoes.

China’s Futuristic Road-Straddling Bus Might Soon Be a Reality  [Citylab]   This is one of the most ingenious things I’ve seen in a long long time, but on the other hand, I can’t help but think that a super-bus that enables cars to continue dominating the roadways is sort of missing the point.

The “Airbnb for Castles” Lets You Rent Out Historic Landmarks  [Fast Co.Design]   Yes, these incredible castles are in the middle of nowhere, but still – think of the social media photo opportunities.

Why Subways In the Northeast US Are So Troubled  [New York Times]   I was going to criticize the governments of DC, NYC, and Boston for shortsightedly underinvesting in maintenance and repairs, but then I remembered that I never pay my bills until I get those yellow envelopes that say “FINAL NOTICE” on the front, so I guess I should just pipe down.

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