In Other News …

tumblr_m90broIiQJ1qbxo6jo1_1280“European-Style” Cafe to Open In Dupont  [Borderstan]  I’ve been waiting for a real Paris-type sidewalk cafe to come to DC.  Whether it’s truly European-style or not will be decided when I sit at a table for six hours after buying a single drink; if they ask me to leave, it’s not authentically European.

DC Is Adding 2000 Hotel Rooms In 2016  [Washington Post] But why?  Airbnb exists.  The only people who use hotels anymore are people having office affairs.  (Wait, are that many of you having office affairs?)

DC Has Way More Abandoned Properties Than You Realize  [Greater Greater Washington] If you want to be rich, drive up and down every block in DC, compile a list of abandoned houses, and then buy them up at auction.  Foolproof!

Rem Koolhaas’s Plan to Remake DC’s Waterfront  [Architizer]  Rem Koolhaas is definitely a genius, but when the main part of your revamp is replacing parking lots with parks, I don’t know that you can claim a crap-ton of credit.

Is the Artist’s Loft Just Affordable Housing for White People?  [Citylab] Regardless of the merits of this article (and it’s a pretty good article), this headline is the absolute epitome of clickbait.  Gentrification, racial politics, and hipsters – it’s an online editor’s dream.  Well done.

Are Millennials Not Buying Houses Because of Student Loan Debt?  [Urban Turf DC] What’s going to happen when an entire generation of debt-burdened people enter middle age and are unable to buy homes because of their student loans?  The housing market is going to crash, right?  The shortsightedness of this arrangement is the best evidence yet that there’s no conspiracy of a tiny elite controlling the entire economy.

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