In Other News …

Funny-face-thomas-the-tank-engine-15992524-1333-965Metro Catches Fire Four Times a Week, On Average  [Five Thirty Eight]  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (Is it on fire right now, you ask?  Just check this handy site.)

Downtown Is Getting a Concave, Crystalline Office Building  [Arch Daily]  I love this design, but I never understood the point of a “cool” office building.  Nothing cool ever happens in an office building.  I actually prefer those totally bland cookie-cutter office buildings you see in desolate exurban office parks; there’s a certain integrity to them.

A Designer Is Revamping the Montreal Biosphere from the 1967 World’s Fair  [Slate]   I was all about this until I got to the rendering showing some kind of EDM festival happening at the revamped site, and then I was like, “eh, let’s just burn it down.”

My Cousin Recently Became a Real Estate Agent  [The New Yorker]   If you’re an agent and you read this and were like, “I don’t get it, this article isn’t funny at all,” then I have bad news for you – you’re probably one of “those” agents.

The Amorality of Self-Driving Cars  [n+1]  This article about the ethical calculations of computer-driven cars (they’ll drive you off a cliff or into a tree before letting you rear-end a school bus) is completely terrifying.  I’m not getting into one until they install a “I’m a sociopathic narcissist, I’m more important than anyone else” setting.

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