In Other News …

IMAG0121There’s a New Bikeshare Company In Town  [Greater Greater Washington]  These bikes are so much less clunky and ugly than those embarrassing Capitol Bikeshare bikes (I refuse to ride them just on aesthetic grounds), but then maybe that means people will steal them?  Should bikeshare bikes be as ugly as possible, like bowling shoes?

Why a Racist Housing Scheme Is Experiencing a Resurgence  [Washington Post]   Short answer:  capitalism.  (That’s not even me talking, that’s the actual conclusion of the article!)

DC Could Make $10 Million a Year from a Marijuana Tax  [Washington City Paper]   For every bag of THC-infused penis gummies you buy for your coworker’s bachelorette party, a DC student gets a new pencil.

The Eco-Friendly Cooling Cube That Only Costs a Penny a Day  [Kickstarter]  This advanced ice-based cooling unit costs vastly less than running an air conditioner, and basically has zero carbon footprint.  It also has USB connectivity, because … well, I have no idea why it has USB connectivity.  Probably because the type of people who give money to Kickstarter projects won’t buy anything they can’t plug their phone into.

This Rotating Tiny House Soaks Up Sunlight All Day Long  [Inhabitat]    “I love my new tiny house, but sometimes I wish it was more of a suffocating solar inferno!”

Chinese Pour $110 Billion Into US Real Estate  [The Guardian]   Ha ha, first they undermined the working classes by taking all their jobs, and now they’re undermining the upper classes by outbidding them for luxury real estate.  I’m just glad there isn’t an underqualified political candidate cynically exploiting this situation for immense personal gain!

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