In Other News …

The Most Diverse City In the US Is … Gaithersburg?!  [DCist]   This has to be the only time Gaithersburg has come in first for anything, other than “city with the most dudes who still wear JNCOs and will sell you a bag of oregano that they swear is weed.”

Plan to Build Plaza Above Connecticut Avenue Ruled “Plausible”  [Borderstan]  This is amazing.  They just conjured up out of thin air a huge amount of new real estate in one of the most expensive areas of the city.  How long before they’re building massive tabletop platforms for the uber-wealthy to build sprawling mansions on top of, while we have to live underneath, in perpetual shadow?  (There’s a dystopian sci-fi real estate novel for you to write.)

Lost Facades of the “Anti-Walmart” of the 70s  [Messy Nessy Chic]   It breaks my heart that only one of these buildings still exists.  Also, how many times do you think high schoolers drove their car off that “rooftop parking lot” building at high speed and totaled their cars?

DC Luxury Home Sales Have Declined – But Is This a Bad Thing?  [Curbed DC]   The revelation that rich people check the stock market and oil prices before buying a house makes me think I really do live in a completely separate universe from them.  Although I did check my bank balance the other night before using my debit card to pay for my “4 for $4” meal at Wendy’s, and maybe that’s kind of the same thing?

“Smallest House In the World” For Rent In Boston  [Boston Globe]  Japan read this article and rolled its eyes.

The Rise of the Megapark  [The New Yorker]  This article almost got me excited enough to buy a house right by the forthcoming Anacostia bridge park.

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