Sundays With Strangers


This newly-renovated Columbia Heights home is refreshed and looking better than ever before, like your ex a month after the breakup.  (Though who can really be sure, with all the filters they use on their Instagram photos.)  The first level is bright and totally open, with recessed LED lighting and oversized windows.  There’s a cozy little bay window that’s just secluded enough that you can move there to get away from your friends’ stupid political discussion, but still close enough that you can shout corrections at them.  (“It’s single-payer healthcare, not single-pair healthcare, you cretin!”)  The main wall is exposed brick – this is not one of those walls that’s pretending to be something it’s not – and there are hickory floors, so if you ever need fuel for an emergency barbecue, you can just grab an axe and start chopping.  (Would’ve been nice if they’d put in some coleslaw-filled light fixtures to complement, but I guess you can’t have everything.)

The eat-in kitchen is super luxe; there’s a long marble island, and a spacious dining area with plenty of windows, so if your significant other puts too much black pepper on your eggs (again), you can just chuck them out into the street.  Also, there are beautiful Carrera marble counters and even a marble backsplash; you could literally be cooking a sputtering pot of molten steel or sulphiric acid on your range and you wouldn’t have to worry about splashes, though you might have to worry about Homeland Security showing up and asking what’s with all the acid and molten slag.  The cabinets are custom-made from beautiful walnut, and there are top-notch stainless steel appliances; a Bosch range and a Liebherr refrigerator.  You know they’re high quality, because they have European names.  (I meant that as a joke and then I realized it’s totally true.)

Upstairs, the bedrooms are generously proportioned; the master bedroom has a private balcony that’s perfect for a morning cup of coffee, or a quick smoke, or sending a surreptitious 3AM text that says, “don’t think I can sneak out tonight, he’s been sleeping really lightly since he went off his antidepressants, he wakes up if I even cough :/”  The master bath is beautifully minimalist, with a square basin, glass-walled shower, and one of those rainfall-style showerheads that gives you that “spontaneously bathing in the rain” experience, minus actually being a filthy hobo.  Oh, and the bedrooms have transom doors, which is a rare touch, and something I really really like.  I used to work in an old office with transom doors and we would take turns quietly setting a chair outside each other’s doors, standing on it, and staring silently through the transom glass until the person in the office noticed someone peeping in at them and screamed and/or threw a cup of coffee at the door.  Just imagine how much more effective that will be for a bedroom; waking up and seeing two eyes staring in through the transom could give someone a coronary.  I’m giggling just thinking about it!

Up top is an awesome roof deck, with views of the entire neighborhood.  And (transition alert!) what a neighborhood it is.  I think Columbia Heights/Mount Pleasant is definitely the best place in the city to live right now;  all the most interesting and enjoyable bars and restaurants are up here, and most of the runners-up are, like, a sub-$10 Uber ride away.  And the neighborhood is still evolving, with plenty of room to grow, which is a polite euphemism for “buy now, property values are going up faster than Donald Trump’s unfavorability ratings.”

1135 Harvard Street NW #2
2 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths

1135+Harvard+St+NW-118 1135+Harvard+St+NW-116 1135+Harvard+St+NW-119 1135+Harvard+St+NW-121 1135+Harvard+St+NW-125 1135+Harvard+St+NW-127 1135+Harvard+St+NW-104 1135+Harvard+St+NW-105 1135+Harvard+St+NW-107 1135+Harvard+St+NW-111 1135+Harvard+St+NW-102

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