In Other News …

553516417Nonprofit Commits $50 Million to Prevent Gentrification East of the River  [Washington Post]  I’m as against gentrification as the next person, but how do you stop the invasion of people with money by spending millions of dollars? Give millennials cash payments to not move there?  Build a huge wall?

Meridian Hill Park, Then and Now  [Curbed DC]  Looking at these pictures actually gave me the first stirring of doubt that the Anacostia bridge park might not be as great as we all think it’s going to be.  I mean, it’s not going to be better than Meridian Hill, right?  Maybe they should just build a one-to-one replica of Meridian Hill over the river.

Who Are DC’s 1000 New Residents Per Month?  [Greater Greater Washington]  I’m betting it’s the people you see on the Metro asking, “what’s a half smoke/what does ‘go-go music’ sound like/who is ‘Adam’ and what’s so special about his Morgan?”

Eight Years of Petworth Home Prices In Charts  [Urban Turf DC]  I wish I had a friend who owned a house in Petworth, so when we were really drunk one summer day I could be like, “let’s take out a high-interest home equity loan on your house and buy jetskis!”

DC Metro to Experience Weeks-Long Outages  [ABC News]  I’m sure you’ve already heard about this, but I just wanted to point out that our subway’s ills are now national news.  (Though maybe that’s not such a big deal considering that yesterday’s big story was Donald Trump eating a taco salad.)

A Country of Converted Oil Rigs: How to Save the Maldives  [Arch Daily]  Would you live on a converted oil rig?  It seems sorta “Mad Max”-ish, but then again, in 50 years DC could very well be under two feet of water.

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