In Other News …


Guess How Much Millie & Al’s Sold For?  [Washington Business Journal]  I actually would’ve guessed, like, three times this much.  Also, this story says that “national tenants” are looking to move into the location.  Taking bets now on if it becomes and Applebee’s or a Chili’s.

Paris Promotes Car-Free Sundays  [Citylab]  I think this is a really good and interesting idea that could very well be applied to a lot of major cities, including DC, and yet the contrarian in me is already thinking about how I’d buy a car just to drive it around on Car-Free Sundays.  I blame bad parenting.

Should Gentrifiers Feel Guilty?  [Washingtonian]  Having lived in Shaw for ten years, I think that most of the resentment around gentrification comes from cultural reasons, not class-based ones.  That’s it, that’s all the material I have on gentrification.  If we were having a conversation at a party, this is the point at which I’d pretend to see someone I knew across the room and quickly exit stage right.

Thanks to the Internet, The Most Terrifying House On Earth Is Being Built  [Arch Daily]  Casa Brutale is built into a cliff face and has glass walls; this place has “destination wedding site on Airbnb” written all over it.  (Also, the name – as well as the design – is an homage to Brutalism, which is now cool again.  Good thing DC is tearing down all its Brutalist gems!)

A Self-Driving Greenhouse Ball Could Be the Future of Urban Gardens  [Hyperallergic]  Or it could not be the future of urban gardens.  That’s also a possibility.  It’s much more likely that the future of urban gardening is more plastic buckets on my girlfriend’s fire escape.

Tenants Removed from Uninhabitable Building Face Homelessness  [Washington City Paper]  Man, there’s got to be somebody that these tenants can sue.  Somebody should be sued over this.

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