In Other News …


Check Out Iceland’s Inflatable “Bubble Hotel”  [Mental Floss]  I was going to make a derisive comment like, “pff, they really expect people to pay to sleep in a glorified bounce house?”  But then I realized, holy crap, I’d pay huge money to sleep in a glorified bounce house.

Downtown DC Has Tons of Jobs, But No Housing  [Washington Business Journal]  Okay, it has a little housing, but no one really wants to live there, which I find puzzling.  Honestly, downtown gets so eerily deserted after, like, 8PM, that it would basically be like living in the country.

Archaeologists Stumble On Ruins of Former President’s House  [Washington Post]  Ha ha, people actually wrote think pieces about the inspiringly humble proportions of James Madison’s former home, but they were actually writing about the guest quarters, while his actual house, a huge 19th century McMansion, lay buried right next to it.  I feel like there’s a valuable lesson to be learned from all this, but it’s Friday, and I refuse to do any learning on weekends.

This Building Is Cooled By Vegetation Growing Inside Its Walls  [Architectural Digest]  Sure, when a French architect has plants growing in his walls, it’s “innovative,” but when I have plants growing in my walls, it’s a “black mold public health hazard.”

Photos from DC’s National Cannabis Festival  [DCist]   I guess a side effect of legalization has been that it’s made pot completely uncool.  This crowd looks like it belongs at a car show in Nashville.

An Insane HD Video Tour of LA’s World-Renowned Modernist Cathedral  [Arch Daily]  I bet a lot of kids let their parents drag them to this church on Sundays just so they can take selfies there.

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