In Other News …


In this Tokyo Library-Hotel, Guests Sleep On the Bookshelves  [Quartz]  Imagine how uncomfortable the beds must be if the hotel tells you right on their website that the beds are super uncomfortable.

NoMa to Add 5150 Units of Housing  [Urban Turf DC]  That’s an insane amount of housing to flood one neighborhood with; it’s equivalent to the entire population of many Midwestern towns.  How long before NoMa says NoMo’?  (I’ll see myself out.)

More DC Sprawl Equals More DC Pavement  [WAMU]  Supposedly, an area equal to Rock Creek Park is paved over every year.  I didn’t even know there was a Rock Creek Park’s worth of unpaved land left in DC.

Real Estate Listing Analysis Reveals Most Popular Amenities In Each State  [Zillow]  What is a “deer room” and why do so many people in Missouri want one in their home?  Also, I’m dying to know what people in DC search for the most.  (No, this list doesn’t include the District.)  “14th Street”?  “Bike lane”?  “Illegal basement apartment to rent to gullible millennial”?

This Off-Grid Waterborne UFO Home Is Powered by Wind, Water, and Sun  [Inhabitat]  Snicker all you want, but if the forecasts for rising sea levels due to global warming are right, this company is going to be the Apple of the 21st century.

8 Transforming Apartments for Every Personality Type  [Architizer]  I love these apartments and they’re very clearly the future, but it’s going to be hard to move all those walls and elements around three weeks after I move in and the floor is ankle deep with dirty laundry, unopened debt collection notices, and phone charger cords.

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