In Other News …

20160402-zaa-nc09-007-jpgDC Marijuana Activists Score White House Meeting  [DCist]  These people paraded around with a 51-foot joint outside the White House – and it worked!  The president agreed to see them.  This just confirms my long-held belief that subtlety and dignity are overrated when it comes to getting what you want.

90s Home Design Trends That Are Coming Back  [Trulia]  I’m on board with all of these.  Let’s bring back everything about the Nineties.  I’ll gladly go back to sulking in my room and taping torn-out magazine photos of Kurt Cobain to my wall.  (Clarification – I’m on board with all of these except wall-to-wall carpeting.)

The FBI Building Is Definitely Going to Be Torn Down  [Washington Business Journal]  Tearing this building down is such a bad idea.  Brutalism is just about to come back – this is like when your mom throws your 50 year old baseball card collection in the trash because “it’s taking up too much space in the garage.”

Millennial Living: Moving Walls to Bridge the Social Divide  [Architizer]  “Hmm, no one is really getting excited about our house design with the moving walls.  Any suggestions on how to stir up some buzz?”  “What about if we describe it as ‘social’ and for ‘millennials’?”  “Genius!!”

The African-American Utopian Ghost Town That Lost Its Soul  [Messy Nessy Chic]  Whoa.  Reading this story, you go from “hm, this might have failed because it just wasn’t a very good idea,” to full-on “holy crap, conspiracies are real!!!”

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