In Other News…


An Inside Look at North Korea’s Metro  [Gizmodo]  I bet their metro isn’t shutting down for months at a time.  Of course, that’s because if it did, the department head would get sent to a forced labor camp.  But still.  Maybe there’s something there we can learn from.

DC Is Expensive Because It’s Not Expansive  [Urban Turf DC]  *puts on tinfoil hat*  I’ve been saying for years that, at this point, the only reason the Height Act is still on the books is so developers can benefit from an artificially restricted housing supply by jacking up real estate values! *takes off tinfoil hat*

This Feral Cat Shelter Is Grand Architecture for Felines  [Mental Floss]  Soon even stray cats are going to have a nicer apartment than me.

This DC Priest Will Bless Your Bicycle  [DCist]  While he’s at it, can he adjust my brakes too, I think one of my rear pads is rubbing against the tire.

A Floating Food Forest Is Coming to US Waterways  [Navigator]  The main drawback I can see to this “produce barge” is that the people who can access it, i.e. people who own boats, will probably just go to Whole Foods, and the people who need the free produce probably don’t own boats.  Other than that, it’s a great idea.

The Psychology of Color: 7 Uplifting Uses of Yellow in Architecture  [Architizer]  I’m a big believer in color theory.  My bedroom is painted bright pink and, in keeping with color theory, I always feel so relaxed when I lie down at the end of a long day, though the bourbon and half a Xanax I take before brushing my teeth might also be a factor in that.



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