In Other News …


The Psychological Cost of Boring Buildings  [New York Magazine]  If boring buildings are psychologically damaging, that explains a lot about everyone in Arlington.

DC Gets a Look at the House of Tomorrow  [Urban Turf DC]  I was completely on board with the Future House until I got to the part about keeping my clothes in a file cabinet.  There’s got to be a better way.

Satellite Images Show Increase In Paved Surfaces Since 1984  [Washington Post]  Dang, people in the Eighties were basically driving around on dirt roads like hillbillies.  If we keep paving at this pace, the entire DMV is going to be one huge parking lot in, like, five years.

Low Income Residents Now Eligible for Cheaper Capital Bikeshare Memberships  [Greater Greater Washington]   Whoa, annual memberships for $5?  That’s a pretty awesome deal, but just keep in mind that if your crush sees you riding one of those clunky red bikeshare bikes, you are out of the game forever.

Anacostia Unmapped: The Hidden Cost of Emancipation  [WAMU]  A fascinating (and sobering) podcast about the history behind Emancipation Day.

See Your Favorite Buildings Brought to Life In These GIFs  [Arch Daily]  Ha ha, GIFs of buildings!  Cute!  (What do you want from me, it’s Friday.)


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