In Other News …

edithmacefield10-768x576Holdouts: The Solitary Resistors of Real Estate  [Hyperallergic]  If I was a real estate developer who was worried that people might assume I’m an “American Psycho” type jerk, I think I’d keep a coffee table book of these photos in my living room so when people came in, they’d see it and be like, “huh, at least he has a sense of humor about himself.” (Also note that a disproportionate number of these photos are of buildings in DC, which makes me weirdly proud.)

New Apartment Building Offers Rooftop Lounge With Views Into Nationals Stadium  [Popville]  Aside from the baseball-viewin’ roof (with hot tub), this 325-unit building also includes a Marriott and a Chop’t.  Pretty sure this was either the sixth or seventh circle of hell in Dante’s “Inferno.”

Adams Morgan Plaza Development Still Meeting Resistance  [Borderstan]  I’m always in favor of livability, but I’m not sure if putting a greenspace/outdoor cafe at 18th and Columbia is such a great idea.  That’s like putting a park on the median of 495.

The Increase of Higher-Income Children In DC  [District Measured]  If you have any resentment against the wealthy, at least take satisfaction from the fact that they’re going to be increasingly sleep-deprived and too busy to have sex.

DC Is Enforcing Bus-Only Lanes On Georgia Avenue  [DCist]  In a month this will be a non-issue, but for these first few weeks people are going to be heated.  I remember the first day 7-11 started charging for plastic bags, there was a near-riot in the place.

7 Modern Cabins Embracing the A-Frame  [Architizer]  I seriously can’t wait until I make a lot of money and build my dream cabin out in the woods and then feel guilty all the time about never going there, and also occasionally waking up in the middle of the night and being like, “I bet there are Manson family style squatters trashing my cabin right this very second.”

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