In Other News …

MPD Releases Photos of 250 Illegal Dirtbike and ATV Riders  [Borderstan]  I was always puzzled how people hyperventilate over the dirtbike convoys;  the last time I crossed paths with one, they had a designated guy who politely stood with his hands out to stop traffic as his fellow bikers roared through the intersection, and then when everyone had passed, he waved all the cars forward and took his place at the back of the convoy.  It was completely civilized and kind of cool. But then I learned they recently blocked an ambulance carrying a sick kid and I was like, nevermind. Rude.

This $18 Million Mansion Is Now Montgomery County’s Most Expensive Home  [Urban Turf DC]  Hmm, so you’ll pay me $18 million to live in Montgomery County?  I don’t know, that’s a decent amount of money, but come on.  Wait, what?  You want me to PAY $18 million to live in MoCo??????

DC’s Best Playgrounds, Reviewed By An 8 Year Old  [DCist]  If these reviews were totally honest, every one would read, “Not as fun as playing Xbox.”

Why Japan’s Housing Market Is So Crazy  [Arch Daily]  This story confirms yet again that no matter how wacky and extreme America is, Japan will always outdo us.  Apparently, no one will live in a house that someone else has lived in before, so when you move out of someplace, the next owner tears it down and builds an all new house.  This also explains why their real estate market is so depressed.  Though to be honest, I know tons of Americans who refuse to drive used cars, or buy secondhand clothing – it’s kind of strange that this attitude isn’t ubiquitous stateside.

The Most Colorful Abandoned Buildings On Earth  [Messy Nessy Chic]  These are some of the greatest photos I’ve ever seen, which is saying a lot considering how much time I spend aimlessly clicking around obscure corners of the internet.  I right-clicked most of them, and I don’t even know why.  Maybe next time I go on vacation, I’ll post one on Facebook to make people think I took it.

Secret Rooms Hidden Behind Manhole Covers  [This Is Colossal]  I have a weird semi-phobia about walking over manholes, cellar doors, subway grates, et cetera, but these photos make me think that it’s not so weird at all.

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