In Other News …

JetsonsCould Hovering Homes Be the Answer to Rising Sea Levels?  [Inhabitat]  Ha ha! “Could Winning Powerball Be the Answer to My Poverty?”  Yes, but we both know it’s not going to happen.

Without Verizon Center, Does Chinatown Still Thrive?  [Washington Business Journal]  Whew, remember how much the old FBI building sold for?  The Verizon Center site could sell for twice as much.  (And yes, not only will Chinatown still thrive, Verizon Center has officially been an eyesore and an inconvenience for like three to five years already.)

Indoor Greenery Is the Next Big Thing  [Architizer]  *This article brought to you by the International Association of Terrarium Sellers.  (Yeah but seriously, if you aren’t buying your boss a terrarium for their desk, you basically don’t want a raise.)

What Millennials Want Out of Home Design  [Washington Post]   You know how you have that one outfit that you know you can always throw on when you get up late and have, like, five minutes to get ready for work?  I think the “journalist facing a deadline” equivalent to that is the Millennial trend piece.  The genius of it is that no matter what they write, it can never be disproved, since there will always be some Millennials somewhere who fit the trend.  Plus, none of them read the news anyway.

How Secret Offshore Money Fueled the Miami Condo Boom  [Miami Herald]  It seemed uncharacteristically proactive when the US government announced earlier this year that they were cracking down on anonymous foreign real estate buyers;  now we know they were just trying to get ahead of the “Panama Papers” leak.

Ten of Georgetown’s Most Beautiful Houses Set to Open Doors This Month  [Curbed DC]  Fair warning;  if you’re thinking of going on this house tour because you secretly suspect that these houses aren’t actually that nice, and you’ll therefore feel better about your own middling home afterwards, they are, and you won’t.

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