Introducing the Amazing, the Most Spectacular … You!

Did you join a gym in January with the best of intentions but now have found yourself coming up with any excuse not to go? Like … you’re not feeling well. Or, you have too much work to do. Or that show you want to watch is on. Or the cat gets lonely when you’re not home.

If you get as far-fetched as that last rationalization, you’re actively avoiding working out. You may think it’s because you’re lazy, but maybe it’s because the gym is too boring! You need a form of exercise that’s exciting — thrilling even.

Try the flying trapeze! Yes, that’s right, fly through the air with the greatest of ease, burn calories and have fun all at the same time.

“It’s better than the treadmill,” said Laura Wooster, an instructor at the Trapeze School New York who also handles their marketing and public relations. “It’s empowering and fun.”

Knee Hang

Everybody’s Lovin’ It

TSNY recently opened its new location at the Navy Yard, and classes are already packed.

You may wonder what type of person takes a trapeze class — after all, trapezes are for death-defying circus performers, right? Not always, Wooster said. Most people want to do it because it’s fun. Some do it because it’s fun and it’s a great workout, but some come to try to conquer their fear of heights.

Wooster said she tried trapeze classes for the first time in 2011. “I just loved it, from the first class,” she said. “It’s great for fitness.”

An immediate devotee, Wooster eventually switched sides and went from student to certified instructor at TSNY, where she now gets paid to fly rather than the other way around.


Accessible to the Masses

No special body type is necessary. “All fitness levels and backgrounds” are welcome, Wooster said. There is a 200-pound weight limit, but there are no other physical requirements.

No special skill set or prior knowledge is required either. Wooster said the most important skill students learn is to listen carefully to teachers and to react quickly when they give an instruction.

There’s no maximum age limit either, but the minimum is 6. Groups are formed based on ability, not age, but TSNY offers a separate children’s program. They also offer summer camp, but Wooster says the whole summer sells out in about an hour.

If you missed getting into camp, consider scheduling a party or a group outing. TSNY has hosted birthday parties, engagements parties and bachelorette parties.

Entrance Look Up

Finally Settling Down

TSNY began life in New York in 2001 and opened the D.C. branch in 2009 in the old convention center parking lot, after having spent five years at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The next year they were down at the Navy Yard in a tent, and this year they have a bona fide building at the corner of N and New Jersey Ave. SE, complete with solid walls and insulation.

Construction is ongoing on the outdoor rig, which they hope to have open just in time for the beautiful weather next month.

Besides D.C., current locations include:

  • Manhattan — Pier 40 (outdoors)
  • Brooklyn — Coney Island (outdoors)
  • Long Island City — Circus Warehouse
  • Los Angeles — Santa Monica Pier (outdoors)
  • Boston — near North Station
  • Chicago — Broadway Armory Park and Belmont Harbor in Lincoln Park (outdoors)

With schools so few and far between, Wooster said they get regular attendees from as far away as Baltimore and Richmond.

Besides flying trapeze, TSNY also offers classes in static trapeze, silks, trampoline, conditioning, lyra, balancing and acrobatics, and juggling. If you’re having trouble getting into a weekend class, remember TSNY offers daytime and evening classes as well.

We’re lucky to live in city where LA Fitness isn’t the only option for getting stronger. So, ladies and gentlemen, hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up to take your turn at the best alternative to stationery bicycles that the area has to offer!

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