In Other News …

washingtonDC Announces One-Year Shutdown of Entire Metro System, Effective Immediately  [Washington Post]  I guess those repairs were even more urgent than we thought!  Who wants to carpool with me?

The Strange Beauty of Soviet Sanitoriums  [Arch Daily]  Even though the “science” behind most of these sanitoriums is specious in the extreme, I kind of wish we had a few of these here in the US.  I mean, you can go to a resort, but those places are all about buffets and reggae cover bands and midlife crises; these Soviet retreats are explicitly about relaxation and quiet.

Man Pays $508 Per Month To Live In a Box In SF  [Fortune]  I’m still not convinced this isn’t an Onion article, even after closing and reclicking on it like eight times.

“The Nightmare On Buchanan Street” Is On the Market  [Curbed DC]  Whew, talk about a hard sell.  Aren’t there companies out there that will cleanse the internet of all references to you or embarrassing things you did?  I know there are, because a friend of mine who’s semi-famous hired someone to completely expunge their embarrassing pre-fame online presence, and now nothing comes up when you google them.  The owners of this house might want to consider doing something like that.

Abandoned Silos Transformed Into Climbing Gyms  [Inhabitat]  Ooh, they should do this at the McMillan site as a concession for putting up the most boring building possible on what could’ve been a world-class greenspace.

The Essential Guide to Being an Amateur Landlord In DC  [Urban Turf DC]  Just don’t do what my landlord did, which is to show up unannounced at your tenant’s apartment and ask them to go to the doctor, get a Viagra prescription, and then pass the pills on because you’re too embarrassed to ask for them yourself.

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