In Other News …

furAn NYC Garbageman’s Secret Trash Museum  [Atlas Obscura]  Getting paid to go through weird garbage is basically my dream job.  Sorry, mom.  (Fun fact: the New York Sanitation Department accepts a lower percentage of garbageman applicants than Harvard accepts students.)

Hungry and Broke? There’s a “Freedge” In Petworth  [Popville]   Most of the commenters think that this fridge full of free food is part of some sinister conspiracy to poison random people, which I think is definitive proof that most of the commenters watch way too much “Law & Order: SVU.”

The Best Photos On Social Media of the Cherry Blossoms  [DCist]  Yeah, considering that my nose and the back of the my throat are both raw from allergy-related sneezing and coughing, I think I’ll just take in this year’s cherry blossoms via my phone.

Video of a Drone Flight Over the World’s Tallest Building  [Arch Daily]  I love watching videos like this because I get sweaty and lightheaded and then afterwards I feel like I genuinely accomplished something even though I never left my desk.  (The best video for this is still the Russian teenagers who broke into the Chinese skyscraper construction site; you’ll feel like you ran a half-marathon after watching.)

7 Leading Architects Defend the World’s Most Hated Buildings  [T Magazine]  Alternate title: “7 Leading Architects Explain That You Have Terrible Taste In Buildings.”

The Baltimore Youtuber Who Explores Abandoned Hospitals and Dead Factories  [Baltimore Sun]  Baltimore is a good city to live in if you want to make videos about exploring abandoned buildings.  That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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