In Other News …

future-tech-robot-vacuum-cleaner-eats-womans-hair-korea-its-happening-14235159450Driverless Delivery Robots Could Be Coming to DC  [Washington Post]  Not only will we never have to leave our houses, but soon we won’t even have to have the split-second of forced human interaction when the delivery person hands off your food.  This is legitimately thrilling to me.

Photographer Documents Hundreds of Windows and Doors Around the World  [Arch Daily]  I didn’t even know I could have feelings of inferiority related to my front door, but there you go.

Why DC Rents Have Risen 65%, When Most Apartments Are Rent Controlled  [Urban Turf DC]  Rent control only keeps rent low while you’re living in the unit;  as soon as the apartment is vacated, the landlord can jack the rent up as much as he wants, often double or triple what you’ve been paying.  My ex-landlord actually once tried to get me to “temporarily” move out for a month while he “renovated,” but his softhearted property manager took me aside and told me it was just a scheme to double my rent.  Don’t ever trust your landlord, people.

Iowa Congressman Hates The Wharf  [Washington Business Journal]  I’m from Iowa, so I can say this – Iowa elects, hands down, the most insane politicians.  This guy, with his 5th grade understanding of economics, is probably only the second most insane Iowa congressman.  (Steve King is probably the craziest person in Congress, period – he maintains that DC is more dangerous than Iraq, and attributes his health to the fact that he eats “recycled, concentrated, enhanced vegetables in the form of meat.”)

How to Manufacture a Real Estate Boom  [The Nation]  Well, that’s one manufacturing job that they can’t outsource to China.

Abandoned Hotel Ruins of the Egyptian Desert  [Messy Ness Chic]  Huh, who could’ve foreseen a tourism downturn in a politically unstable country that’s mostly desert?

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