Person of Interest: Amanda Nover, Bread for the City

Nover_photoMaking an impact in and around DC doesn’t stop with entrepreneurship. We are always happy to learn about local non-profit initiatives in working to make our city better, and increase the quality of life for our citizens. Unfortunately, poverty is a long-term, on-going issue that many residents face. There are so many people in need right in our own community, which is why we are so happy to introduce Bread for the City. Their mission is not just about providing food. Bread for the City provides comprehensive services–food, clothing, medical care, legal and social services–at two service centers in DC.

According to their website, “At Bread for the City, we share a vision of Washington, DC as a nurturing community, where all residents have access to the basic material resources they need for survival and growth, and the prosperity of their social, emotional, and spiritual lives.”

It is wonderful to hear of such a worthwhile mission.  Please visit their website to find out how you can help through donations and volunteer opportunities.  In the meantime, we had a chance to catch up with Amanda Nover, Corporate Partnerships Manager with Bread for the City.  Learn more about Amanda and her time with this amazing organization.

What is a typical day for you (or your team)…?

As Corporate Partnerships Manager at Bread for the City, I build relationships with DC-area companies of all sizes, raise lots of money, and plan all of our fundraising events. Right now, I’m working on all the fun details for our April 30th Good Hope Gala. We’re expecting over 450 community members to attend, and we hope to raise more than $750,000 to support Bread for the City’s poverty relief programs and services. As you can probably imagine, a typical day this month is pretty busy! Join us on April 30th by visiting Bread for the City Good Hope Gala.

Hardest part of working at BFC?

We do a lot at Bread for the City, but we could always be doing more. We serve about 34,000 low-income DC residents every year, but there are approximately 123,000 DC residents living below the poverty line. When we exceed our fundraising goals, we’re able to add new programs and serve more people, so there’s a lot of pressure to not just meet our goals, but knock them out of the park.

Best part of working at BFC?

Seeing the good work that Bread for the City does every day is the best part of my job. Every year, our team of amazing staff members and volunteers works together to serve 34,000 low-income DC residents with dignity and respect. We want to see a city where no one goes hungry, where everyone has access to quality healthcare, where safe and stable housing is available to all, and where justice is right and not a privilege. I am so proud to be part of a team that carries out these values!

Advice for non-profit participants (volunteers or executives)?

Just do it! Working for such an important cause is the greatest feeling in the world.

If you weren’t involved with Bread for the City what would you be doing with your life?

Believe it or not, I’m doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do!

What/who influences you the most?

Sharing ideas with awesome colleagues at Bread for the City and at other poverty relief organizations is so helpful. I’m always looking to keep things fresh and improve all the time.

I need to relax. You’ll find me at/doing…

Happy hour!

What neighborhood do you live in?

Logan Circle. So lucky that I get to walk to work every day!

Biggest DC pet peeve?

The scaffolding on the Capitol Dome.

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