In Other News …

golden-bathroomTrump Says His DC Hotel Will Open In September  [Urban Turf DC]  If he wins the election, couldn’t you see him insisting on living in his own hotel, because the White House isn’t up to his standards, i.e. plated in gold and marble like a Las Vegas bathroom from the Eighties?

France To Build 16-Story Building Out of Wood  [Inhabitat]  I love this idea, but how much would they have to pay you to live in the penthouse of an all-wood, 160 foot tall building?  Ten million francs a year?  Fifteen?

Petworth Is (Still) the Hottest Home-Flipping Neighborhood In the US  [Redfin]  The average Petworth flip gains $337,000!  It’s official:  kids today should flip houses instead of going to college.

Bicycling Skyrocketed During Metro’s One Day Shutdown  [Greater Greater Washington]  Clearly, the solution is to shut down the Metro.  (I was joking at first but now I’m not so sure.)

8 Tiny Dwellings That Make Downsizing Look Awesome  [Mental Floss]  How come you never see any stories titled, “8 Massive Mansions That Make Being Wealthy Look Awesome”?  What’s up with that?

Mount Vernon (Including the Metro Station) Will Be Closed Next Week  [DCist]  There’s a nuclear terrorism summit meeting at the convention center, although that doesn’t really explain all the security.  Or maybe the keynote speaker is an actual nuclear terrorist?

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