In Other News …

ab3752fd14e0f4d063d245e7f460dbbaSan Francisco’s Mass Transit System Gets Real  [Vox]  Super relevant, considering all the hyperventilating about Metro’s one-day shutdown.  It’s weird how we don’t blink an eye when a billionaire says his football stadium needs a publicly-funded replacement after a decade or two, but we expect our mass transit system from the Seventies to just keep working perfectly forever.

Some Things to Consider Before Selling Your Home to a Developer  [Washington Post]  Spoiler alert:  they’re going to tear it down.  Which isn’t the worst possible outcome – when I went to see my childhood home after years away, the new owner had just been foreclosed on and evicted, and he’d purposely kept the water on so all the pipes froze and exploded through the walls and floors.

The Lonely Launchpads of America’s Abandoned Space Facilities  [Atlas Obscura]  You could probably buy one of these really cheap.  How cool would it be to have a living room that’s an authentic Sixties-era space shuttle control room?  (“Not really that cool” – anyone you’ll ever bring home from the bar.)

How to Celebrate Cherry Blossom Season Like a Local  [Edible DC]  Seriously, don’t click on that link if you’re on a diet.

China’s New Era of Economic Anxiety  [The New Yorker]  I was going to type, “Ha ha, now they know how it feels!”, but then I realized I’d sound like Donald Trump, so I decided to not type it.  Seriously though, no matter how frustrating or overheated the DC market may seem at times, at least you’re not waiting in lines for hours just to view properties.

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