In Other News …

Roman Bezjak Sozialistische Moderne | Fotografien zur historischen Baukultur urbaner Landschaften Osteuropas # Tiflis- GeorgienThe Scalelessness of Contemporary Chinese Architecture  [Arch Daily]  What does it mean that the most oppressive countries – China, the former USSR and East Germany, to name a few – often have the coolest architecture?

Here’s What Metro Center Looked Like In 1935  [Ghosts of DC]  Look at all those awnings.  Were curtains really that much of a technological advance?  It’s mind-blowing that we somehow invented the car before getting around to coming up with a solution for too much sun coming into your room.

The 10 Best Homes In DC Under $200K  [Curbed DC]  If you were set to buy a $2 million home, you should absolutely consider buying all ten of these $200,000 homes instead.  Of course, this kind of thinking is probably the reason I can’t afford a $2 million home.

A Trail Linking NoMa to National Arboretum Is In the Works  [Greater Greater Washington]  These commenters make a good point that will presumably be addressed before this trail is completed – the National Arboretum, at present, has all the charm of a state penitentiary.  Which is a shame, because it’s pretty cool once you get past all the locked iron gates and sternly-worded signs.

A Brief History of Duck Boat Tours  [Citylab]  What’s the more embarrassing tour vehicle to be seen in/on – the duck boat, or the Segway?  A debate for the ages.

Microsoft to Build $500M “Smart City” In Ashburn  [Washington Business Journal]  Hmm, this could be a factor if the R******s NFL team decides to stay in Ashburn, instead of seeking a new stadium in DC.  Whew, if Ashburn had Microsoft and the NFL, it really would be the squarest city in the US.

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