In Other News …

datNew Renderings Highlights Ridiculous Penthouse at CoHi’s Former Helicopter Factory  [Urban Turf DC]  Whoever moves into this penthouse, I will be your very best friend if you let me hang out on the roof deck.  I don’t care how bad of a person you are, I agree in advance to, at the very minimum, to laugh at all your jokes.

Could Urban Farms Be the Preschools of the Future?  [Citylab]  Alternate headline: “How to Get Around Child Agricultural Labor Laws.”

Bethesda’s Baltzley Castle Hits Market At $4.4 Million  [Bethesda Magazine]  This castle, a former Prohibition-era speakeasy, was built with the profits from the splatterless eggbeater, and was intended to kick off the era of “the Rhineland on the Potomac.”  What a weird sentence that was.

This Incredible Kazakhstan Treehouse Costs $340K to Build  [Daily Mail]  This tree is calling its friends like, “no, seriously, these humans built an entire house completely around me!  No, I’m not high right now!”

Norway Is Investing $1 Billion In Bicycle Highways  [Mental Floss]  Meanwhile in the US, we just legalized offshore oil drilling in the near-Atlantic.  Sigh.

The Eviction Economy  [The New York Times]  Infuriating that rural slumlords can net half a million in profit from a trailer park in such disrepair that the local government designated it a “bio-hazard site.”  I’m adding this to the list of issues I’ll be emailing Kanye’s presidential campaign coordinator about in 2020.

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