In Other News …

600px-Rambo3-Fake50cal4ABuy An Entire Town 3 Hours from DC for $1 Million  [Washington Business Journal]  My friend’s family owns an entire ghost town in the South, and they go there in the summer, set up watermelons in the windows and doorways of the buildings, and then blast away at them with handguns from the beds of speeding pickup trucks.  Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound sort of fun.

Driverless Cars and the Future of Parking  [Newsweek]  The Taxi vs. Uber war has barely gotten started, and it’s about to be rendered completely irrelevant.  I’ve always been staunchly anti-car, but I would definitely buy a self-driving one, not only because I hate driving, but because like 90% of other drivers terrify and infuriate me.

DC Streetcar’s Exuberant Opening Day  [Greater Greater Washington]  Be honest, weren’t you a little surprised it didn’t burst into flames during its very first run?

The Secret Apartment at the Top of the Eiffel Tower  [Arch Daily]   I love that the architect secretly built himself an apartment in this massive structure he designed, and no one noticed until after it was built and he started living there.  That’s like paying someone to design your dream home, and they add on a guest cottage that only they have the keys to.

Communist Bicycles Back in Style in Bulgaria  [Citylab]  The next time your drunk uncle is like, “communism doesn’t work,” you can be like, “maybe, but you have to admit this bike is pretty awesome.”

Remodeling Tips from “The Property Brothers”  [Curbed DC]  If you can afford to take the advice of “don’t think about cost,” you probably don’t need remodeling advice, but still.  Pretty decent list.  (I wish I would’ve read this list before I tried to tear out the wall-to-wall carpeting in my apartment by myself.)

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