In Other News …

1318425901_4e95952dca29b-xlGeorgetown May Lift Moratorium On Liquor Licenses  [Washington Business Journal]  I’m going to say something that I swear is 100% true: I literally forgot Georgetown existed.  Like, you could’ve asked me to list all the DC neighborhoods, and Georgetown wouldn’t even have crossed my mind, that’s how completely it’s been eclipsed by all these new “hot” neighborhoods.  At this point, instead of these halfhearted efforts at “revitalizing” it, they should just let it fall into complete disrepair and abandonment, lure bohemians in with cheap rent and atmosphere, and then BAM, ten years from now it’s the hottest neighborhood in the city again.

A Low-Cost Shipping Container House In South Korea  [Arch Daily]  We might be approaching a point where shipping container houses are going to be so exquisitely designed by A-list architects looking for creative side projects that they become aesthetically superior to expensive and thus conventionally-designed regular houses.  (Also, how did they put those windows into a steel shipping container?)

World’s Largest Solar Array Has Gone Live In Morocco  [Answers Africa]  Mannn, I sure would like to put this slice of cold leftover pizza on that thing.  I bet it would come out perfect.

LA Is Seizing Tiny Houses from the Homeless  [LA Times]  The local government is cracking down because they claim the tiny houses provide cover for “lawlessness.”  I wonder what a psychologist’s take would be on why people always draw a link between poverty and moral degradation? Probably wouldn’t be a very flattering diagnosis.

China’s Hidden Cave Temple Will Soon Be Open to the Public  [Mental Floss]  Over a thousand years ago, sculptors spent decades carving thousands of caves and statues into the side of a huge mountain.  Man, I’m glad I wasn’t born before the internet existed.

Art at War: Lost Frescoes of the Maginot Line  [Messy Nessy Chic]  Honestly, I looked at that bootleg Mickey Mouse fresco for a solid five minutes, and I still have no idea what’s going on there.

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