Person of Interest: Diamond Riley, Founder of BOOZY App

diamond riley

I first ran across BOOZY, the app, while playing around on Instagram and stumbling upon their profile, which you shouldn’t look at if you are currently hungry.  Brunching and boozing are some of my favorite relaxing weekend activities so I did a little more digging on BOOZY and what they were all about.

Most of us enjoy a good brunch and booze in this city but some times having so many options can be challenging, especially if you throw a large group, or an unfamiliar area in the mix. (I think that’s a #firstworldproblems statement).  BOOZY does the hunting for you, finds the best brunches and happy hours in DC (as well as MD & VA).  For example, BOOZY will tell you about DC’s newest happy hours, or where you can get $2 tacos, or the best oyster specials. It is perfect for people who know what they want, but don’t know where to find it, or don’t want to think about finding it (guilty).

We’d like for you to meet Diamond Riley, founder, designer and developer of BOOZY.  You can thank her later for making your life easier by downloading the app, but first find out what she’s up to…

What is a typical day for you (or your team)?

My team currently consists of an IOS developer, an Android developer, a graphic designer, and a back end guy. Currently we are working on expanding BOOZY into additional cities so a typical day would start by looking at our Trello Board, and uploading deliverables to Slack. After that is finished, I usually have Skype meetings with my team members individually to focus on next steps and what is to be accomplished for the day.

Hardest part about being a small business owner?

The hardest part about being a business owner is constant change. There has yet to be a point where I am comfortable. I am very competitive by nature and that drives me to learn more, research more, and be better. I always want to be better and in order for me to do so, I have to be adaptable.

Best part about being a small business owner?

The best part about being a small business owner is the adrenaline of the chase. As a small business owner you are constantly running to the finish line, and you are consistently learning things along the way. I really like that I have to maintain a student mentality and continuously learn new things so that I can get to my end goal. It’s tough, but it keeps me on my toes and it keeps me prepared for the next challenge.

Advice for new entrepreneurs?

Don’t give up. Its easy to have an idea but the difficulty comes in execution. To actually execute an idea comes with actually having to create a business plan, or learn social media marketing techniques; it requires you to actually be invested and committed to a product or concept that you created. That is very difficult for a lot of people. Equally important is looking at your data. If you have a great idea and it doesn’t really seem to resonate with your audience, the quickest reaction is to give up. The other reaction is to figure out what works and eliminate what doesn’t. Its all about being adaptable because if something isn’t working, there is no point in continuing to do it. Find out what makes your audience click and run with it. My last thing is the most important and that would be to make sure there is a product market fit. There is nothing like having a good idea with no one who cares. Make sure you find the people who care about what you are doing and if you can’t find anyone, go back to the drawing board. DO NOT omit user experience research. It is a must.

If you weren’t involved with Boozy App what would you be doing with your life (or what are you doing)?

I would be in law school. I was in law school when I started BOOZY.

What/who influences you the most?

I am influenced most by my mother who gets up for work every day and grinds. I am also extremely influenced by my grandmother who demonstrates such an extraordinary level of compassion and understanding. Being influenced by such amazing women who demonstrate oppositional binaries allows me to learn and build a balanced character.

I need to relax. You’ll find me at/doing…

To relax I do a few things: I run every day,.even in the cold… I also binge watch TV shows. Right now I am on Shameless, and The American People Vs.OJ.

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