In Other News …

article-0-15396289000005DC-56_964x709The Ghastly Amazing 70s House That Time Forgot  [Dangerous Minds]  I swear 80% of “Goodfellas” was filmed in this house.

First Look At Douglas Development’s Massive Ivy City Complex  [Washington Business Journal]  “People love Ivy City because it’s a small, intimate community with character.  Let’s build a massive generic mixed-use complex there!”

When Your Dream House Becomes a Money Pit  [New York Times]  A very familiar-sounding story.  Where do these people learn how to cut all these corners so creatively?  I always see ads for weekend seminars teaching how to flip houses;  I wonder if there’s one that teaches you how to do fraudulent renovations.

Geese Return to Potomac River After Dominion Power Oil Spill  [DCist]  Dominion Power is the worst; they’re like the Martin Shkreli of utilities. They make Comcast seem downright likable.

North Carolina Town Rejects Solar Panels Because “They Might Suck All the Energy From the Sun”  [The Independent]  *Head explodes*

Mayor Bowser Releases Details of Wizards Practice Facility Plan  [Washington Post]  I saw someone on social media break this plan down as everyone in the District giving the Wizards $75 to build a new practice facility.  If that’s the case, we should all get some free tickets, or at least a vote in personnel matters.  (Trade John Wall!)

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