In Other News …

guyGet Lost Inside LA’s Dystopian Cake Maze  [Mental Floss]  “Let’s get high and go to the cake maze” – my last words before being found in a diabetic coma.

Streetcar Service Starts Next Saturday, Says Mayor  [Twitter]  If I gave you an over/under of 36 hours for the first streetcar-automobile collision, would you take the over or the under?

St. Elizabeth’s: A Photo Tour of DC’s Abandoned Asylum  [Curbed DC]  We can’t encourage you to go explore St. Elizabeth’s, because it’s illegal to trespass on the grounds – but it’s going to be developed sooner than you realize, so if you’re going to not do it, you better not do it soon.

DC Will Reimburse You If You Install Private Surveillance Cameras  [DCist]  Ha ha, the surveillance state is outsourcing the means of its own spying.  This is like a fascist government offering tax incentives for you to wake yourself up in the middle of the night and beat yourself.

A 6000-Year Old Unplanned Community Photographed From Above  [Arch Daily]  When I read this headline, I assumed the photos would reveal that all the houses were laid out according to some kind of universal algorithm/golden ratio or something, but nah, it’s just a big random mess.

Tesla Unveils Plug-In Electric Mobile Home  [Off Grid Quest]  Man, hipsters really will co-opt anything.

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