In Other News …

main_1200A Look At China’s “Nail Houses”  [The Atlantic]  Add “stubbornness” to the list of things that China leads the world in.  (Seriously though, I thought in China they just came in the middle of the night, threw you out, and steamrolled your house?)

Why DC’s Housing Inventory Will See Negative Growth This Year  [Urban Turf DC]  People who own their houses outright must be strutting around with their chests puffed out so far right now.  I bet they’re unbearable.  All their renter friends are probably praying for a crash.

Fundrise Fires CFO for Alleged “Extortion”  [The Real Deal]  Ha ha, I’m sure it’s an isolated incident that means nothing!  *Quickly googles “how to request a refund from fundrise investment shares”*

Check Out What Metro Stations Look Like In the Netherlands  [Architizer]  I actually think the Metro stations in DC are cool, in a retro-futuristic, “these are so passe that they’ve sort of gone full circle” sort of way, but these Dutch stations are cool too, I guess.

Tiny Cottage In England Hides a Secret Cave  [Domain]  “Why don’t we go back to my place – it’s tiny, but there’s a secret cave.”

Build an Earth Bag Roundhouse for Less Than $5000  [Off the Grid]  Is this house made of bags of dirt?  Yes.  Is it ridiculously inexpensive?  Also yes.  Trade-offs, life is about trade-offs.

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