In Other News …

Bh0piX6IMAA2TWU.jpg_largeWoman Sees Bigfoot In McLean, Virginia  [Cryptozoology News]  *Laughs nervously, checks that all doors and windows are locked*

DC Streetcar Could Open As Soon As February 26  [Washingtonian]  No joke, I forgot the streetcar was even still happening.  This is the equivalent of an actor coming out with a new movie and people saying, “wait, I thought he was dead.”

Enjoy a Nap In This Outdoor Grass Bed  [Mental Floss]  “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”  – Me, upon seeing this grass bed for the first time.

DC Bans Pot Testing of Job Applicants  [NBC4]  But it’s still legal to put a jar of cake frosting with a spoon in it on the table during the interview to see if you start salivating uncontrollably.

Ten Hot Tubs and Saunas On the DC Market  [Curbed DC]  I was thinking that if I had a sauna in my house, I’d be in there all the time, and then I looked up at my steamed-over windows and remembered that I keep my thermostat at 85 all winter anyway.

Sexy Trumps Love In Real Estate Listings  [Time]  I wonder if the person who has to write up these luxury real estate listings that describe properties as “sexy” and “seductive” ever stops in mid-sentence and says to themselves, “I have a college degree, where did my life go wrong?”

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