In Other News …

stairs728No Alternative Yet For Controversial Shaw Bike Lane Proposal  [Washington City Paper]  The sooner everyone involved acknowledges that the churches’ resistance has nothing to do with bikes or bike lanes, the sooner we can get this all worked out with some shady backroom horsetrading.

This Is What Leonardo DiCaprio’s Uninhabited Island Looks Like  [Messy Nessy Chic]  When he doesn’t win the Oscar, and you start feeling bad for him, just remember that the guy owns an entire tropical island.

Inside Cathedral Crest, DC’s Newest Luxury Condos  [Curbed DC]  “Cathedral Crest” sounds like a trashy soap opera with lots of gratuitous nudity that I would never ever ever admit to watching.  (But which I would definitely watch.)

By Some Measures, DC Has One of the Lowest Tax Burdens In the Country  [Urban Turf DC]  My expression while reading this story was like when some random person on the Metro sits down next to me and starts telling me that the earth is hollow – nodding my head with extravagantly false enthusiasm while cheerfully saying “Oh yeah?  Is that so!  Really?!???”

How to Build a House Out of Wooden Pallets  [Arch Daily]  1. Arrange pallets into a rickety “pillow fort” type of cube.  2. Drape filthy tarp over structure.  (My lazy version.)

Legal Changes May Shake Up US Real Estate Market  []  It’s notoriously easy for foreigners to anonymously buy American real estate through shell corporations, which is why you hear so much about foreigners laundering money by purchasing luxury real estate here.  True story: the most expensive home to ever sell in Miami ($47 million) was sold to an anonymous foreign buyer; even the government can’t figure out who owns it.

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