In Other News …

Incredible-Castle-In-The-Middle-Of-The-OceanYou Can Buy A Czech Castle for $13,000  [Bloomberg]  I just spent several minutes trying to think of a reason why I shouldn’t buy this castle and move to Czechoslovakia for a year, and I couldn’t think of a single one.

Why This Logan Circle Two-Bedroom Costs $93,000  [Urban Turf DC]  “They” always say that creating more affordable housing is so difficult, but then I learn about things like “limited-equity cooperatives” and “long term affordability restrictions,” and I think maybe “they” don’t really want to create more affordable housing.

A Brief History of DC’s Five Football Stadiums  [Curbed DC]  Looking at these pictures, it seems that the stadium is the one thing that hasn’t gotten uglier as it’s become more modern. (Also, why does Georgetown have the smallest college stadium in the country?)

One of Africa’s Biggest Dams Is Falling Apart  [The New Yorker]  As I read this article, I felt huge relief that I don’t live in a country where the infrastructure is falling to pieces from neglect, and then I got to the part of the article that said the United States is just as bad, and now I’m embarrassed and scared at the same time.

Why Bjarke Ingels Is A Good Choice for the New DC Football Stadium  [Washington City Paper]  Well, he likes corny eccentrics, and Daniel Snyder is a corny eccentric, so maybe it’ll work.

Spite Houses: How to Hate Your Neighbors  [Arch Daily]  “The Spite House” should be a movie about Martin Shkreli getting elected president after hacking all the voting machines, and then proceeding to raise the price of everything by 5000%.

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