In Other News …

50097-hqdefaultComcast Customer In DC Builds Bot to Harass Comcast When Service Sucks [Engadget] Anyone who has Comcast knows that this man deserves, at the very least, a Nobel Prize.  Also, if he made this into a simple app, it would not only make millions of dollars, it might actually force Comcast to improve their service.

Detailed DC Apartment Listing from 1932 [Ghosts of DC] How sad is it that I didn’t even look at these rents ($50-$100/month) and think, “wow, that’s so low!”  They actually struck me as perfectly reasonable.

Dutch Designers Transform Abandoned Oil Tankers Into Floating Cities [Arch Daily] This is admirably creative thinking, but you know the global affordable housing shortage is bad when they’re like, “hey, why don’t we run a bunch of abandoned ships aground and let people live in them?”

Life In the Kowloon Walled City [South China Morning Post] Hands down, best infograph I’ve ever seen. They should make a Fathead out of this.

My Life As a 20-Percenter [Brick Underground] I have a friend who won a housing lottery, and pays less than a thousand a month for a two-bedroom in a luxury building. He can’t sell for 20 years, but when he does, he’ll make several million dollars. They shouldn’t even call it a housing lottery. Just call it a lottery.

Crimes at DC Bus Stops Increased Significantly In 2015 [DCist] Muggers have guts, man – if I even talked to any of the cranky commuters I see at my bus stop, I assume they’d immediately throw their travel mug of scalding hot coffee in my face. (But maybe that’s just because I look like a mugger.)

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