In Other News…

slide_9813_129476_freeCan DC Build a $45 Million Park In Anacostia Without Pushing People Out?  [Washington Post]  Short of the City Council passing a bill freezing rents for people who lived around the park before it was built (which I actually think is a really good idea, albeit politically unworkable), probably not, no. Or I guess they could build a really crappy park that everyone hated?

DC’s Public Housing Needs Billions In Repairs  [DCist]  “But these stadiums we really want need billions in funding to come into existence!” – the DC government.

Why Houses Are Unaffordable In Big Cities [Curbed]  An interesting take: it’s not supply and demand as much as it’s the lopsided evolution of the job market. Whatever, any day I can blame stuff on tech bros is by definition a good day.

NoMa Could Soon Be DC’s Densest Neighborhood  [Greater Greater Washington]  In retrospect, why wasn’t NoMa a neighborhood way sooner? Was it just held back by the lack of a catchy name? Are we really that shallow? (Yes we are.)

Haunting Photos of China’s “Ghost City”  [Tech Insider]  Seriously, one of the top three items on my bucket list right now is to live in a ghost town for a year. Which is weird, because I go to the Wendy’s drive-thru at 4AM like twice a week.

DC Issues $1 Million In Parking Tickets In Wake of Snowzilla  [NBC4]  Looks like governments are finding ways to profit off of global warming/global weirding. Miami could take out flood insurance on itself and then pocket billions; it’s not that different from Wall Street in 2007.

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