Person of Interest: Tricia McCauley

district oil owner

Beards have become more and more popular among the male population, they are everywhere, especially during the winter months (and of course no shave November). I have a friend with a very impressive two-years-in-the-making beard. We’ve actually had some conversations about how to take care of it, and caring for a beard is not as easy as shampoo and conditioner. It takes some TLC to keep both your beard and the skin underneath your beard in a healthy state. Enter, Tricia McCauley, creator of District Devil Beard Oil.

Her inspiration according to Etsy, “District Devil was inspired by a bearded friend. He asked if I made beard oil – I didn’t, and I thought it was kind of hilarious. Then I started researching, and learned that (a) beard oil is so helpful to facial hair and skin, and (b) most beard oils out there are just oil, with a dash of scent. I have a master’s degree in herbal medicine, and knew I could create a product that really, really supported beard health.”

What makes District Devil unique?

They smell amazing and you won’t find anything fake in District Devil’s oil. Each bottle is formulated by an herbalist so it is nothing but natural, good for you ingredients. Some of those ingredients include argan oil, chamomile, and burdock root which all support not only the health of your beard, but your skin as well, which is just as important. Even better, they are homemade in DC.

Tricia gave us a little more insight into her life, so here is a little bit about who she is…

What is a typical day for you (or your team)…?

There’s no really typical day. Depending on the season, tasks include infusing herbs in oil, blending up beard oil, making labels, updating website or social media, ordering supplies, vending at a market, scoping out retail opportunities, bringing orders to the post office…

Hardest part about being a small business owner?district

The tedious details like accounting and website updates.

Best part about being a small business owner?

Endless creative possibilities, and (mostly) my own schedule.

Advice for new entrepreneurs?

Do something you love.

If you weren’t involved with District Devil Beard Oil what would you be doing with your life?

I’d be doing all the things I already do, since District Devil isn’t even a year old yet: growing and teaching about herbs, working on my other product line, Leafyhead Lotions & Potions, and teaching yoga.

What/who influences you the most?

In life? The weather. My moods fluctuate with the barometric pressure.

Regarding District Devil?  My bearded friend Josh — this whole thing was his idea, so his creative vision guides many aspects of the business.

I need to relax. You’ll find me at/doing…

The beach, the pool, the garden, the bar.

What neighborhood do you live in?

The Village of Bloomingdale, center of the Universe!

Biggest DC pet peeve?

No vote in Congress.

Who do you think is the most attractive person to ever live?

Padma Lakshmi.  Have you ever noticed how, on Top Chef, the camera never focuses on her for more than 3 seconds at a time?  It’s because she’s so beautiful that viewers’ eyes would be burned out with a longer shot. And the camera might explode.

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