In Other News …

C4raA22Drones Helping Sell Big Ticket Real Estate  [lohud]  The latest thing threatening the livelihood of real estate agents everywhere: $49 of Chinese-made prop propellors and a flip-phone-quality digital camera.

This Interactive Map Will Show If Your Street’s Been Plowed  [Washington Post]  Oh man, that feeling when your street’s been plowed, but you know via social media that the street your boss/ex/enemy lives on hasn’t been plowed yet and probably won’t be for days.  Oh man.

How To Assess Your Roof After a 20-Inch Snowfall  [Urban Turf DC]  A surprising number of the uglier pop-ups around town have completely flat roofs.  Anti-pop-up people, cross your fingers.

“New Brutalism” Showcased In Swiss Museum  [Architizer]  I’m telling you, tearing down the Hoover building now, right before Brutalism comes back into fashion, would be like when your mom threw out your baseball card collection that would now be worth $7 million.  Have we learned nothing from history?!

Concepcion Piciotto, Longest-Ever White House Protester, Is Dead  [DCist]  Well, she may not have gotten staggering results, but she did do something, and that’s rare.

This 980-Square-Foot Home Maximizes Family Space  [Arch Daily]  Every time I look inside an architect’s house, I realize that they must look at our regular houses like we look at someone wearing a trashbag with armholes and a headhole torn in it.

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