In Other News …

601245Sledding Down Capitol Hill Is Now Legal  [Washingtonian]  The last time I went sledding, I ended up concussed in the ER, woozily muttering nonsense to the nurse as she used huge shears to cut my coat and shirts off, because I’d also broken my collarbone in the crash and couldn’t lift my arms.  My sledding advice: don’t overdo it with the ramps.

Inglewood Stock Market Jumps After NFL Announcement  [LA Times]  If you want to get rich, just befriend Daniel Snyder and find out where he’s going to build his new NFL stadium, and then buy up all the properties around it. The only flaw with this plan, obviously, is that you have to become friends with Daniel Snyder.

Can Cities Afford to Trust WalMart?  [Citylab]  At this point, Wal-Mart is like a WWF wrestler who realizes that he’ll never be liked, so he goes the opposite way, grows a goatee, and becomes a villain. It’s like they’re trying to make us hate them.

Check Out These Renderings for the DC United Stadium  [Curbed DC]  “Hmm, will people be confused about where to go to get trampled if there’s a stampede?”  “Good point, let’s add a weird bottlenecked death-zone walkway so there’s no confusion.”

Portrait of a Chinese Ghost Town On the Verge of New Life  [Hyperallergic]  I seriously want to go live for a month in a Chinese ghost city, and not just because I think it would be great material for a “think piece.” (Let’s be honest though, it would be fantastic material for a think piece.)

Exhibition Shows Off African Modernist Architecture  [Arch Daily]  These are some of the coolest buildings in the world, though they also raise some interesting questions about the connections between affluence and aesthetics.

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