In Other News …

alicia-martin-streaming-book-installation-3-1-565x375Bookworm Heaven: Bookcase Inspiration For Your Home  [Architizer] True story:  I have a lot of books, which I just stack against the wall, much of them next to my bed since I read until I drift off to sleep. One night my cat jumped onto one of the higher stacks by the bed and caused a domino-effect-type book avalanche, and I woke up screaming under a huge pile of books.

This Kalorama Mansion Was Built By The Masonic Temple Architect  [Curbed DC] I’m not saying it has a hidden occult chamber for mock human sacrifices, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a hidden occult chamber for mock human sacrifices.

District Leaders Furious After Wal-Mart Cancels Two East Side Stores  [Washington Post]  Bowser would basically guarantee reelection if she called an emergency council meeting and got them to pass a new punitive “Wal-Mart Living Wage Bill” requiring them to pay all their DC employees, like, $20 an hour.

The World Now Has 100 Supertall Buildings  [Arch Daily]  Yet another reason DC needs to repeal the Height Act:  so we can get on listicles like this.

‘Tree Mansion’ Has Archibald Walk Residents Up In Arms  [Capitol Hill Corner]  This reminds me of an angry conversation between my former neighbors in Shaw, one of whom wanted to have a block party in the shared alley, and one of whom opposed the idea. The party neighbor sarcastically asked, “what, do you hate fun or something?”  And the anti-party neighbor immediately and unironically screamed “YES!”  (I silently cheered, as I was against the party, but was unwilling to show my true anti-fun colors.)

Real Estate Dispute Ends Lifelong Friendship  [New York Post]  Moral of the story:  if someone tells you they’re giving you “free rent for life,” get it in writing even if it’s your best friend.


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