Chasing After New Year’s Resolutions: DC Gym Options

We are a little over two weeks into 2016 and hopefully it still looks as new, shiny, and filled to the brim with potential as we all might have hoped for. However, now that the sparkles and confetti have settled and the cookie jar is barren with just crumbs, one thing remains clear every year; We can’t hide behind December anymore. What, I mean, more specifically, is that it is officially no longer acceptable to say, “My diet will start in the new year” or, “I can’t wait to get after my goals in 2016.” The new year is here but it is never too late to get off our butts, stop watching “Making a Murderer,” and start chasing after our goals…or something like that.


Now, I can admit, I am usually the person that justifies chocolate two days into a cleanse by pretend bartering with myself, “dark chocolate is good for you!” And, I can also admit that I’ve driven to the gym before only to walk around for a little bit, stare mercilessly at the people who are actually working out, and then leave because…meh, I’m just not feelin’ it. But, regardless of my own personal downfalls, I have also learned something with my personal fitness triumphs and failures: The gym matters. As in, all gyms are not one in the same. For example, not everyone is mentally prepared for walking into a military-style bootcamp (and being expected not to cry and eat cake after all that yelling). Additionally, if a gym is also going to provide free pizzas now and again, their motives are likely insincere (I’m looking at you, Planet Fitness). There are countless gyms available in the DC area – including some that you might actually be able to enjoy. Here is a round up of some “best bets”:


Off Road Indoor Cycling: Have you ever been interested in cycling but not particularly willing to risk your life on the roads of DC? This could be the gym for you. Essentially, this is a gym focused on “spinning,” or indoor cycling – but they offer more than that. They also offer a unique community that, as they put it on their website, “focuses on client experience from the moment you walk in the door.” They were voted as a runner up for the “Best Gym” by Washington City Paper in 2014 and in 2015, won “Best Indoor Cycling Studio.” Best of all? On their “About Us” page, they promise they understand the important role of music in getting a quality sweat session. So, I assume that means they will be utilizing the best of Britney Spears?

[solidcore]: Solidcore kind of seems like the Neiman Marcus of gyms. They allow only 13 clients in class at a time, promising a full-body workout, and assuring potential groupies that no two workouts are the same. The real kicker? You are supposed to burn 600 calories per workout, so maybe, just maaaaybe, you can justify the post-holiday wine binge. (Like you needed justification.) Plus, there are multiple locations throughout the DC area.

City Fitness Gym: City Fitness Gym describes itself as “Cleveland Park’s neighborhood gym,” and seemingly, that’s just what it is. If you want to be on a first name basis with gym staff, but still want to do your own thing (i.e. you haven’t out-run the treadmill yet), this could be the spot for you. For a small, non-corporate run establishment, they offer a good handful of classes including yoga, taiji, qi gong, boxing, step, and more.


CrossFit DC: Did you really think I was going to get through an entire post about working out without mention of the one, the only, cult that is CrossFit? I’m sure you know better than that. CrossFit is one of the most popular methods of working out around today, and people aren’t afraid to talk about it. CrossFit DC has an excellent reputation, with plenty of raving reviews on Yelp. Just a few questions remain: Will you drink the CrossFit Kool-Aid? Are you ready to get swole? Just remember that the first rule of CrossFit is to never miss an opportunity to talk about CrossFit.

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