In Other News …

Modscape-Cliff-House-Main-644x513This Conceptual Design Reimagines Power Plants as Mixed-Use Megastructures  [Arch Daily]  I was going to say that no one is going to live on the side of a power plant’s smokestack, but then I remembered that people eagerly live in stupidly precarious places all over the world.

Organizers Throw Secret Protest Party Under McMillan [DCist]  It’s like Burning Man with polo shirts.

MoCo’s Hank Dietle’s, The Last Great Roadhouse In Suburbia  [Washingtonian]  I’m telling you, the second we start looking nostalgically back at the suburbs is the second before someone else decides to “bring it back.”  The revitalization of inner-cities is going to inevitably lead to hipster suburbs.

Major DC Zoning Changes Approved [Urban Turf DC]  Just a few years ago, talking about suspending minimum parking requirements for new buildings would literally – literally! – bring angry crowds to zoning board meetings.  And these people often didn’t even live near the parking-free buildings in question.  Now, this rule change passed with zero fanfare.  Guess things are changing.

The Unexpected Beauty Inside America’s Last Fabric Factory  [Messy Nessy Chic]  If this place is closing down, I call dibs on that Tom Selleck poster.

Stroll Through the Clouds On this European Skywalk  [Nerdist]  A perfect example of something you plan on doing while traveling through Europe, but then on the day you’re there, you’re too hungover from the night before, so you skip it, and then on the plane back to the US, you think “oh man, I should’ve done that skywalk thing, just to put a picture on social media.”

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