In Other News …

04905u-645x420Pretty Cool Pictures of Metro Center Under Construction in the Seventies  [Ghosts of DC]  “Yeah, and along here is where the guy will sprint from the escalator to the train because he’s late for the third time this week, and he’s eating a Gogurt and his shirt is tucked into his underwear but he won’t notice until half an hour before lunch.”

Why a Big Time Architect Is Risking His Reputation On the R******s Stadium Design  [Washington City Paper]  Money.  He’s doing it for lots and lots of money.

DC Could Require Companies that Receive Tax Breaks to Pay a Living Wage  [Washington Business Journal]  If they’re not paying you a living wage, they’re paying you a dying wage.  Think about it.

The City Grid That Would’ve Been Where NYC’s Central Park Is  [The New Yorker]  I wonder if something like this exists for Rock Creek Park? Also, I still think there was some mysterious ulterior motive for preserving Rock Creek Park in the first place; it’s not like they valued green space AT ALL back then. My money is on “secret underground government base.”

10 American Ghost Towns You Can Visit  [Mental Floss]  The family of a friend of mine owns a ghost town in Kentucky, and every summer they go there, set up melons and mannequins in every window and doorway, and then drive through at high speed and shoot at their targets with various assault rifles and handguns. Every year I angle for an invitation, but no luck yet.

An African Vatican: The World’s Largest Church is a Replica  [Messy Nessy Chic]  I’m a big fan of replica buildings; there’s something about vulgarity and mass production and weird post-modern inauthenticity that I find extremely amusing. If I win the Powerball jackpot, I may spend a few years putting together a coffee table book of them.

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