In Other News …

4Go On a Ramen-Themed Vacation In Japan  [Travel and Leisure]  On one hand, the pictures alone are probably worth the trip. On the other hand: MSG in your urethra.

Georgetown NIMBYs Want to Exhume Ben Bradlee  [Washingtonian]  Technically, these people are NUMBYs.  (Not *Under* My Back Yard.) (…Sorry.)

330 Year-Old Ship Found In Alexandria During Excavation  [City of Alexandria]  It was originally buried as part of the landfilling of the waterfront, which means that in 300 years, archaeologists will be feverishly studying garbage from 2016. What will they possibly think when they find my garbage bag of two dozen empty boxes of banana chocolate “Pocky”?  (“They appear to have all been eaten in the space of one or two days;  clearly this was a sad, sad individual.”)

Hidden Clues Reveal Disappeared DC Thoroughfare  [Greater Greater Washington]  Milkhouse Ford Road used to run between Chevy Chase and Fort Totten, but at some point they erased it. We should definitely somehow work this into the “Georgetown lobbied against a Metro station to keep poor people out” conspiracy theory.

Architect Selected for New R******s NFL Stadium  [Arch Daily]  BIG, the designer rumored to be be working on the new stadium, is the same designer behind the new Google campus, Two World Trade Center, and the Smithsonian redesign, so it’s probably going to be a pretty extraordinary piece of architecture. I guess that’s one upside of having an owner who’s viciously insecure; he’s always desperate to outdo his peers.

Why Are We Still Working?  [New Matilda]  A perfect story for a Friday!  And a question I’d ask myself during every single commute.  You know how they have to put calorie counts next to fast food items?  I think they should be required to put “work/leisure hours” counts next to consumer goods.  (“If you don’t purchase this car, you could cut back to a 28-hour work week!”)

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