In Other News …

02-bar-luce-wes-anderson-prada-sissirossiWes Anderson Designed a Bar in Milan  [Vogue]   I admit, I was ready to be unimpressed, but as soon as I saw that custom Steve Zissou pinball machine, I was all in.

What to Expect from The Real Estate Market in 2016  [Washington Post]  Let’s just say one side is better than the other.

Lincoln Park Rowhome Back On the Market  [Curbed DC]  Lincoln Park is a fine neighborhood, but every time I hear its name out loud, I think of that bad rap-metal band from the Aughties, and driving around in a car with my friends from the vocational high school, debating whether or not smoking dried banana peels will make you “trip.”  (They won’t.)

Plans for a New “Colossus of Rhodes” Gets The Green Light  [Arch Daily]  I think reconstructing the “Seven Wonders of the World” could be a cool idea, and not just because I was forced to memorize them in grade school.

Religious Architecture Award Winners Announced  [Faith and Form]  DC is a city of churches, and that probably won’t change any time soon.  So let’s talk about making the new ones cooler.  (Though personally I’d like to see more Brutalist ones.)

George Costanza-Themed Bar Opens in Australia  [Daily Mail]  Semi-ironic pop culture-themed bars are the future.  Someone should buy an old “Planet Hollywood” and reopen it as a semi-ironic hipster nexus.  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t go at least once just to Instagram it.

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