In Other News …


256941993_3d0d31a148DC Millennials Can Only Afford a 218-Square-Foot Home  [Curbed DC]  For the record, the smallest home in DC is only 252 square feet.  So in real terms, DC millennials can only afford to be homeless.

DC Mansion Sells for $18 Million  [Wall Street Journal]  This house has formal AND informal English gardens.  In the informal ones, I guess the shrubbery wears drawstring pants and asks you how much money you make.

Six Inspirational Home Design Instagram Accounts  [Washington Post]  Alternate headline: “Six Sources for Home Decorating Ideas to Steal and Tell Your Friends You Thought of Yourself.”

Why Does the CIA Keep Its Art Collection Secret?  [Hyperallergic]  Why does the CIA have an art collection, is a better question.  I guess that’s just what happens when you have an unlimited secret government budget with zero oversight or accountability.  You start expensing Picassos.

Melting Arctic Ice Could Unleash Huge Ancient Viruses  [Popular Science]  Honestly, I’ll take my chances with ancient deadly viruses if it means 70-degree Christmases.

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